July 20, 2010

Reading Classics

I realized I haven't posted on books since May... and not because I am still re- re-reading Twilight (though I just got around to watching the first movie and I might need to revisit some chapters ;) ). What I have been doing is reading some Classics I never got around to reading before - the primary reason is the birthday present I got back in May:
Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G, 9.7" Display, Graphite, 3G Works Globally – Latest GenerationMy Kindle DX!

I got it more for work-related purposes - for reading science articles in PDF-format (and reduce excessive printing). I LOVE it! As all books pre-1925 are free, I got all the Classics I've been meaning to read on the Kindle now. I started with Jane Eyre, then The Professor - both by Charlotte Brontë.

Now I'm reading Anna Karenina (by Leo Tolstoy). It will take a while... but I read in this article (after I started) that it is a good summer read - and summer in Florida goes on for a while anyway.


deana said...

I bought a Kindle for Bob a couple years ago. He still likes to check out books from the libary though. I think it's GREAT for travel. Wish he'd get on that bandwagon! :-)

Patchi said...

I found it great for travel too - even more because I can get free basic internet access anywhere! G-mail & google reader on the go are a definite plus, even in black & white :)