February 13, 2011

My LO space

My crafting space was driving me crazy, mostly because is was a big mess and things were stored in bags so I could "put it away" when needed. This is what my corner in our family/guest room looked like most of the time:
Once I started crafting on a regular basis, I knew I needed something more permanent too... When we found a desk by our neighbors curb that would serve my purpose, I knew I was halfway there. Dada refinished it and fixed the broken drawer. Yesterday I found a lazy susan organizer at a garage sale and I spent the afternoon organizing my little nook. Here is what it looks like now:
And here is a closeup of my table top:
I know it won't stay this neat for long, but I'm so happy to have a more purposeful craft space!

Thanks for stopping by!


Ya Chun said...


This is my problem - a dedicated space so that most of my time is not spent getting out and putting away

Stacy said...

I have a similar problem, my scrapping space clutters up within a week of packing.. :)
Unfortunately for me, I dont own my own SB space and my SB area is really my bedroom and study room. :) Great inspiration there, I'll get my hands to packing my room soon! :)