February 28, 2010

You work, we play

Much of our rush to leave the boat was due to Dada having a meeting in Washington, DC (or in "washing machine" as Matchi put it...). While he was gone we went to Milburn Orchards to buy food, play and see the goats on their high walkways. The February Mosh Posh kit was a perfect kick-off for these layouts!

I really enjoyed making ruffles with crepe ribbon. I was a little worried because in most of the LOs I saw the ruffles were attached with stitches and I have been scared of opening the antique sewing machine I got from my in-laws (and it needs a new belt...). But then I found this tutorial for making paper ruffles with double-sided tape and took a breath of relief. I actually used my Therm O Web tape runner, which worked very well.

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Cassie said...

I like to use the super sticky double sided tape to make ruffles too...SO much easier than the sewing machine.
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