February 19, 2010

Sailing Vacation 2008

After my little one turned 18 months I managed to get more time for myself. The boys play together or independently, and they nap at the same time about half the time. Oh so slowly I've been getting back into scrapbooking and the first big project I tackled was the sailing vacation we took on my in-laws' boat summer 2008. By that time I had just gotten back to work and was changing jobs, amidst all the mother-of-two craziness. It was great to take vacation and we had so much fun sailing on the Chesapeake Bay! Here are some of the layouts from that trip:

Matchi was 2.5 at the time and had a great time on the boat & dinghy. I love his pensive look in the bottom left picture...

Davie (at 6 months) also had a good time on the boat and got to wear the baby captain cap (I have great pics of Matchi with this cap in the Virgin Islands when he was 8 months, but that's another story)

I love these pictures, they are my favorites from the trip. We only sat there while leaving the anchorage, but they were fun 5 minutes!

I love this one, the pictures are the focus of the LO and I tried to keep it simple. The flower in the center is from the other side of the double-sided paper that I folded over and affixed with a brad.

More to follow...

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