May 11, 2011

On the light side of reading

I haven't had a mind lately to ready very "serious" books, so I've been enjoying some that are on the more relaxing side. Some times I just can't take depressing books...

I finally got around to reading The Lost Symbol last month, which had been sitting on my shelf for a while. It's OK, but I'm glad I didn't give it high priority and waited to buy it used. I liked Deception Point, Digital Fortress, The Da Vinci Code, and Angels & Demons a lot better.

I also read Prince of Darkness by Sharon Kay Penman - from the Queen's Man series. I love Penman's books - both her fiction and historicals. I can't wait for Lionheart to come out!

And to really relax for a few very stressful weeks last month, I finished the The Princess Diaries series. I was missing books 7-10 and I finally broke down and bought them. Sometimes I just need really light reading... and that's when I usually go back to Anne of Green Gables and Jane Austen. But there is just so many times I can read the same book without feeling like I'm wasting time, so end up hooked on these series that just make Dada roll his eyes.

Next up is Hunger Games Trilogy. I'm not sure that one is considered "light". Another series to keep me up at night...

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