March 16, 2011

Reading Inheritance

I haven't read many fantasy novels, even though I enjoy imagining that kind of world. Some of my favorites I read in my teens: Hobbit, The Lord of the RingsThe Neverending StoryThe Princess Bride and Mists of Avalon. Later I read The Forest House (The Mists of Avalon: Prequel), and Lady of Avalon (Avalon, Book 3) as I love series.

However, on one of my flights last year I watched a bit of the movie Eragon, so I decided to get the book. Even though it was no Lord of the Rings, I enjoyed reading it. Once I realized this was just the first book, I had to buy Eldest and Brisingr. Only yesterday, at the end of the third book did I realize there is still one book missing... I hate when that happens! I would rather read a series once all books are published... Now can he hurry up and publish the final book?

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Maggi said...

Hi Patchi! Just dropped by to see your blog. It looks great!

Jackie said...

Nice blog, just checking it out. :)

Ya Chun said...

I have two fantasy trilogies to recommend:

His Dark Materials

and a singleton: Elantris

Both have heroines!