April 28, 2010

Holiday Tree

This past weekend I finished 2008. I can hardly believe it!

Here is a LO I made for our tree hunting outing. If you want to know why I call it a holiday tree, read this.

I love the picture of the little one asleep after he managed to take off with just one sock. The tree farm is not even 5 minutes from our house, he was exhausted!

Papers from my Mosh Posh February'10 kit. I also got the felt embelishments from them. I layered two sizes of Prima flowers and attached them with mini brads. I used the paper insert from the Prima package as a journaling tag.

What about me?

When I realized I wasn't in the album I started for family pictures, I quickly whipped up a LO using some goodies from my Apron Strings January'10 kit and some extra Sassafras Lass Sweet Marmalade stickers I had at home.

I cut the title from the background sheet with a Coluzzle alpha template, then I cut the shadow for the letters with the cardstock I used to mat the pictures. It took a little patience to get things aligned just right, but I liked the effect. The border on the right came from the same paper, but it was on the top, on the other side - I accented it with yellow crystals, from the same set as the flowers.

This LO reminds me of trying to do too much at the same time, but enjoying the reasons behind it.

Scrapping Nostalgia

I decided not to put the Sea World LO in our travel scrapbook, as it was a one day thing and would get lost amidst our longer family vacations. I pulled out an old scrapbook I started for the boys during my second maternity leave, after I deemed the baby books complete. This is what I found in there:

The X2 tag is from the new Express Jeans I bought when the pre-baby stuff didn't fit ;)

These LOs were made Summer 2008, when I started getting the hang of the scrapbook thing. I visited a local scrapbook store (which has closed) and started buying Coluzzle templates (which have been discontinued). I remember debating over those funky frames for days before I found them in a discount website.

I made so many pages that summer... but once I went back to work I had no more free time to scrap. But by the end of last year I started getting more personal time - or maybe I just made time for myself. But there are so many photos to catch up on that it seems overwhelming at times... but I just scrap through it, one LO at a time.

Sea World Fun

I've been catching up on my scrapbooking. This LO is from our trip to Sea World in 2008, our first visit to a amusement park with the kids. Considering my oldest preferred the sand box to any of the other attractions, it is understandable why we haven't been to any of the other Orlando parks...

I love using maps in my LOs, and I find they go best with a subtle card stock background. I kept it simple with just some Jolie embellishments I found at Michael's.

April 8, 2010

Lack of sleep

I haven't been getting much sleep lately... I decided to try reading something different and opened my copy of Twilight that a friend of mine gave me for Christmas. That was a week ago, and I was ready to borrow New Moon 2 days later.

This is insane! I've been taking 2-3 days to devour each of the books and I cannot control myself! So far Eclipse (book 3) is my favorite, and I have a feeling I will wish I had stopped there. I'm overwhelmed by foreboding about how things will derail in Breaking Dawn, the fourth book - like in the Mists of Avalon when Morgaine discovers she is expecting Arthur's child. Bad decisions sure to come... Or worse, a feeling that she will wake up from a coma caused by the van actually hitting her in book 1 and normal life will start over, like the Wizard of Oz. And you were there, and you, and you...

I'm sure I'll finish the last book in another day, in spite of the dread and foreboding...