April 28, 2010

Scrapping Nostalgia

I decided not to put the Sea World LO in our travel scrapbook, as it was a one day thing and would get lost amidst our longer family vacations. I pulled out an old scrapbook I started for the boys during my second maternity leave, after I deemed the baby books complete. This is what I found in there:

The X2 tag is from the new Express Jeans I bought when the pre-baby stuff didn't fit ;)

These LOs were made Summer 2008, when I started getting the hang of the scrapbook thing. I visited a local scrapbook store (which has closed) and started buying Coluzzle templates (which have been discontinued). I remember debating over those funky frames for days before I found them in a discount website.

I made so many pages that summer... but once I went back to work I had no more free time to scrap. But by the end of last year I started getting more personal time - or maybe I just made time for myself. But there are so many photos to catch up on that it seems overwhelming at times... but I just scrap through it, one LO at a time.

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